In the region: Eco-efficiency assessment in the Monte Novo Irrigation Scheme

Another interesting “monte novo project” I have just come across. Portugal needs to store rainwater, however, the irrigation is used mainly for monoculture which creates deserts in the long run.

The Case Study aims at assessing the overall performance of a relatively recent hydro-agricultural system and concerns the Monte Novo Irrigation Scheme in Southern Portugal. The Scheme is associated with one of the largest water-related investments ever made in Portugal, the Alqueva system, which deeply changed the agricultural paradigm in that area. Where rainfed crops previously dominated, extensive water supply systems have been developed, allowing the development of large irrigated areas.

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@L.: that is the sign “monte novo” on the way to √Čvora.

For me Monte Novo is…

an innovative project about balancing.

commercial tourism business vs. a place for friends to meet
back to nature vs. standard of modern life
alternative life style vs. marketable business concept
naturism vs. clothing optional
self-sufficient energy supply vs. energy demand for modern technologies
Portuguese culture vs. global influences

For me the core concepts and key-words are:

  • glamping
  • solar energy and energy saving mindset
  • simple but high standard eco buildings
  • being naked in a nature spa environment
  • permaculture / aquaculture
  • holiday office / consulting
  • a project that pays-off for a modest family-life



we just started

to collect our ideas about the Monte Novo Project. This blog is meant to help us forming our visions into a tangible project. Please feel free to participate!