Minutes of our first online-meeting with Kjersti our much-valued architect from Norway


First sketch on the Monte Novo property. Implying a calm and peaceful garden in front of the farmhouse where simplicity and originality dominates the appearance whereas the back of the farmhouse opens up to the fuzzy and more chaotic theme, based on innovative building techniques and active leisure spots.


The front view of the farmhouse should remain mostly unchanged and the extension (approx. 80sqm) to the left should be set back from the frontline of the original building.


Movement of the sun and the idea of heaving cosy outdoor spaces for the three enteties. This north-west outdoor room more easily provides shade in summer while still giving light and sunset views. In winter people would sit at the unspoiled front of the house directly exposed to the sun.


The inner walls and the room layout should remain as far as possible unchanged (which also reduces building costs). The more chaotic back of the house gives room to modern extensions covering private bathrooms.